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Keeping aligned with Crocker College Prep’s mission to prepare scholars for college and life, we believe dressing appropriately and professionally is an important life lesson for every student to learn. Uniforms unite us as a community.  Uniforms are a powerful visual statement of our community. Scholars make a commitment that when they put on the Crocker College Prep uniform; they are agreeing to live up to the school’s values.



Elementary School Shirts:

  • Crocker College Prep polo shirt in hunter green with Crocker College Prep stitching.
  • Undershirts must be short-sleeved, (long-sleeved white undershirts allowed when needed due to cold weather) white, and be hidden under the Crocker College Prep shirt.

Middle School Shirts:

  • Grey Crocker College Prep polo or white button down Oxford shirt purchased from Foley Uniforms with the school logo.


  • Dark green button-down Crocker College Prep sweater or PREP pullover sweatshirt purchased from Foley Uniforms. Shirts must be tucked in underneath sweater/sweatshirt.  


  • Plain dress khaki pants, knee-length shorts or knee-length skorts only. No extra stitching, labels or markings (no Dickies labels, cell phone pockets, etc.). Pants must fit the hips snugly. No skirts without shorts underneath are allowed.


  • Plain brown, black, khaki or white belts only. Belts are part of the uniform and must be worn every day. No fancy buckles or markings are allowed.

Shoes and socks:

  • Closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes of any color are allowed to be worn with the uniform. Socks must also be worn and can be of any solid color.  


  • Coats are allowed during cold weather and hung up when scholars arrive.
  • Uniform sweaters are the only outerwear allowed to be worn in the building.  


  • Simple watches are permitted, but no bracelets or necklaces, due to safety concerns while playing in PE or recess.
  • Girls may wear small stud earrings, no hoops or drops.
  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings of any kind.
  • Tattoos must be covered.  

Head wear/hairstyle:

  • No hats, bandannas, head scarves, “do rag”, etc. Modest headbands and ribbons are allowed.  
  • Head wear for religious purposes only.  
  • Hair should be neat and well-groomed.


  • No make-up of any kind is permitted.


Poree’s Embroidery:  (504) 301-1760  or 3401 Tulane Ave.  Foley Uniforms: (504) 361-7400  



Dress Down Days: On certain occasions, scholars may earn the privilege of free dress. When these days occur, it will always be communicated via the school newsletter. Scholars who elect to participate in free dress must meet respectable and professional dress code norms that align with the basic expectations in the uniform dress code. Violations of dress code on dress down days will be determined by the administrative staff, and parents will be notified.